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Data Protection is Our Highest Priority! has the ultimate computer experts who know how to secure and protect your invaluable computer data effectively, affordably, and IMMEDIATELY!  What’s more, we can protect and store all data and information entered on any and all of your servers, personal computers, and laptops—safely, over the Internet—from anywhere in the world.  And you don’t have to do anything special or different.  Just use your computer and enter your data like you always have.

That’s right, even if you take your laptop computer to a conference in Scottsdale or Quebec, the data you enter, using your Internet connection, will be immediately backed-up and protected at our multiple data storage vaults.

Data Evacuation and Protection System

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When you are faced with the threat of impending danger, you evacuate—and that’s what we do with your data. We evacuate and protect your data to two different safe locations several times a day.

We are our own case study of the importance of evacuating data.  Our original home office was located in Chalmette, LA, an area that was completely under water (ten feet in our case) for three weeks because of Hurricane Katrina.  While we lost all of our equipment, we didn’t lose one piece of data. Our data emerged 100% unscathed and ready to continue working for us.  In fact, for those clients who trusted us with their data, they were able to restore their data from our replication servers which are located outside of Louisiana.

Unfortunately, some of our clients didn’t think they needed our service before Hurricane Katrina and lost everything.  Their hard drives were simply too corroded, once we could get to them, to retrieve any data.

Download now for your FREE thirty day trial.


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Protect Your Start Menu

One of the things we have noticed some malware doing is deleting all of the short-cuts from the Start Menu. All the programs are still installed on your hard drive, but there is no way to access them from the Start Menu.

We've developed a small app to help you back-up your Start Menu. Download the file to your hard drive and run it. It will ask for a location to save a copy of your Start Menu and copy it both the common user Start Menu items and the private user Start Menu items.

Right now it only backs up the private Start Menu for the current user, so if you have multiple users, be sure to run the program under all user accounts.