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Headquartered in Thibodaux, LA, was founded with one simple mission—help businesses protect their most important asset: their data.

Natural Disasters

The entire world watched as Hurricane Katrina swept across the Gulf Coast of America leaving the City of New Orleans and surrounding areas under water for almost four weeks.  The untold story is the amount of data that was lost because of flooded hard drives and back-up tapes that were left behind, didn't work, or were simply non-existent because no one bothered to worry about back-ups.

"We've researched and studied numerous back-up solutions to offer our clients, taking care to make sure whatever we offered would be not only economical but also fully compliant with whatever rules and regulations our clients would need to follow, such as HIPAA and Sarbox.  Traditional tape back-ups were simply not an option because of their high cost and maintenance involved.

"With our new Internet—based back-ups, it takes just minutes to install and schedule your first back-up.  Once the software is installed, back-ups can be managed from any PC on the network using a web browser, and if the client wants, we can also configure their network to allow maintenance of the back-ups from any where they can connect to the Internet."

Using industry proven 448-bit Blowfish encryption, the back-ups are encrypted and compressed before leaving the client's network.  Since the encryption key is chosen by the client, no one can access their data except for them.

With multiple data centers across the United States, clients can rest with the peace of mind knowing their data is protected whenever trouble strikes.

Patient Privacy is Your Responsibility

Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPAA) requires all medical practices to safeguard the personal information of their patients.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Sarbox) requires that all publicly traded companies maintain accurate, reliable, and secure financial data files.