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Case Studies

Bad News

A client of our other services couldn't make up their mind about starting to use our backup services. The boss was always out of the office and the business manager couldn't get them to make a decision.

Unfortunately, disaster didn't wait for the boss to make a decision either. With the threat of a direct hit from Hurricane Gustav, the office manager shut down the server, disconnected all the cables attached to it and placed it on top a file cabinet hoping to avoid any possible water damage.

Water never made it into the building, but a thief did. Taking a tv, a laptop, and, of course, the server with all of the files that were on it.

Needless to say, the boss is now ready to talk about backup strategies.

Good News

Client's hard drive in their laptop crashed. Several years of work that had been saved on the hard drive were now inaccessible. Client didn't miss a beat.

Once a new laptop was obtained, the DEVACAPS software was loaded and a disaster recovery operation was put in place. Over 20GB of data was restored to the new laptop. And this included upgrading the operating system from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

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